Holocaust: The Perpetrator’s Psych

The question in Christopher Browning’s Ordinary Men posed towards the beginning, when the author questions how a group of normal/sane policemen could “[shoot] some 1,500 Jews in the Polish village of Jozefow in the summer of 1942,” encompasses much of Browning’s analysis within his work. He investigates the motivation of the Holocaust perpetrators and attributes … More Holocaust: The Perpetrator’s Psych


His arms cradle my neck, so tightly I think this breath may be my last. I don’t squirm though. The comfort, the security of him by my side, that’s better than life. He runs his hands down my body and I let him. But that’s as far as I’ll let him. Do I really know … More Monophobia

The African Slaveries: Distinction of Trade

For millenniums slavery has infected cultures and civilization around the world, seeping its way into the histories of Babylon, Rome, and the Americas. Yet perhaps no slavery compares to that within the African continent, from which hundreds of millions of humans have been enslaved and trans-continentally exported for centuries. … More The African Slaveries: Distinction of Trade

Humans and Human Rights through Documentary

I have always been a fervent advocate of human rights. During the Armenian Genocide of 1915, my great-grandparents were of the few who survived the terrible atrocities. I’ve read countless first-hand accounts of genocide survivors and actively studied contemporary genocide (Armenian Genocide, Holocaust, Rwandan Genocide, etc) through other means like film. As such, I was … More Humans and Human Rights through Documentary

De tiempo roto

Estamos peleando con el tiempo y me gustaría que tuviéramos otro momento. Deseo que habría besar tus manos una vez mas. Un otro lago para nuestro amor. El mundo nos mira y ríe porque esta pasión no es bastante. Quizás que no nadas en lago como yo, quizás que no estamos buscando para el mismo … More De tiempo roto

Shifting the Frontier

Our new frontier manifests itself not through the conquering of land but through the enhancement of tech-facilitations that fundamentally lead to faster innovation and quicker results. Our manifest destiny, has undergone an idealistic change: what once referred to as our God-given necessity to spread Americanism throughout our nation’s continent, now expands its limits globally. … More Shifting the Frontier