1933 Convention and Interwar Humanitarianism

The 1933 “Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees” was the first real commitment to build a legal framework on behalf of refugees, specifically Russian and Armenian refugees (Article 1), and was ratified by nine nations in which France and the United Kingdom were included. The primary strength of the 1933 convention was the establishment … More 1933 Convention and Interwar Humanitarianism

Basics of Energy

Basics widely used fossil fuels fluid mixture of hydrocarbons, H2O, sulfur: underground deposits fluid nature makes ideal for mobile combustions (vehicles) nonrenewable: fossil fuels take millions of years to form (remains of fossilized animals) History to make chemicals & plastics, asphalt/crude oil, synthetic materials dates back to 1700s, 1840 first reported use of natural gas … More Basics of Energy