Humans and Human Rights through Documentary

I have always been a fervent advocate of human rights. During the Armenian Genocide of 1915, my great-grandparents were of the few who survived the terrible atrocities. I’ve read countless first-hand accounts of genocide survivors and actively studied contemporary genocide (Armenian Genocide, Holocaust, Rwandan Genocide, etc) through other means like film. As such, I was … More Humans and Human Rights through Documentary

Citizen Four: Effectiveness of Documentary

As a human rights activist, I was incredibly fascinated by Laura Poitras’ 2014 film Citizen Four and especially drawn to the content and how it’s displayed. The narrative, though taking place mostly in Edward Snowden’s Hong Kong hotel room, played out swiftly and enabled the viewer to understand Snowden’s choices in how he ‘blew the … More Citizen Four: Effectiveness of Documentary

Constructing a global experience through Sans Soleil

Chris Marker’s weaving of memory and imagination through the experimental, collage-formed filmography in Sans Soleil entices the viewer to inquire upon reality through a personal interpretation of the truth. Unlike other films, Marker’s work presents fact through the mix of cultural and worldly differences and the infusing of fact and fiction to reflect the current … More Constructing a global experience through Sans Soleil

From Dr. Dre to J. Cole: The Art of Sample-Based Hip-Hop

Travel back 16 years to 1999 when one of the most influential figures in the American hip-hop scene released The Aftermath, a groundbreaking album that sold over 6.6 million units in four years. Number 23 on Billboard’s Hot 100 at the time, “The Next Episode” featured on Andrew ‘Dr. Dre’ Young’s album sunk itself so … More From Dr. Dre to J. Cole: The Art of Sample-Based Hip-Hop

stranger of night

I lay alone at night measuring the seconds between creeks of grown walls and those of old wooden floorboards croaking in pain. My eyes scream open as blood rushes to my head, pounding–throbbing as my face tightens in a heated twist and my ears steam from this paranoia. Has he come for me? This night, my last? … More stranger of night