A thousand small holes trapped in a box. I stare at them, my mouth watering. I imagine the sweet honey flavor bursting in my mouth. Looking side to side, I stealthily extend my arm to the top counter. The sight of this crispy sugar, oh lord. I tilt the box down toward my cup and … More cheerios

To fill a hole

For the first time in years I slid my back door open and stepped foot into my garden. The plants were dying if not already dead. Yellow grass strangled the lemon tree and the big bushy one beside it. I wondered what creatures lived within their grasps. But I soon realized I didn’t care. I … More To fill a hole


“He’s gone.” These words poured down on me like the fearless rain. A storm of denial whipped my soul. It hit me then — the bitter truth — and I just stood there. That’s all I could do. “He’s gone.” These words a millionth time I seemed to hear — and not a split moment … More Gone.

The Egging

“GO.” MY GOD WE WERE GOING TO PRISON THIS TIME I WAS SURE OF IT. I had never seen Sarah speed that fast in my life. Her hands transitioned shifts so quickly, so naturally. The cops were probably after us already. She threw an EGG at his car. Rapidly swerving off the campus, we accelerated onto the … More The Egging


“Come in with me?” I don’t know. “You don’t have to, but if you want, the room’s open.” Ummm… “Ok well I’m going in.” Fine. Fine, I’ll come. Which one’s your side? “The messy one.” Where’s Walt? “At a tennis tournament for the weekend.” Aw you’re all alone? “Yeah, sad right?”   “Can you really not … More Dormmates