headshotIf there’s one thing I love, it’s writing and coding. Ok that’s two. But isn’t it so extraordinary how so many paths constantly intersect? Whether it’s public policy, statistics, or computer science, each has its own unique impact on our lives and yet it fits in so beautifully with the next.

In my writing, I love to explore these connections and dive into the unconventional. I guess maybe it’s because I’ve spent practically my entire life in the Silicon Valley. Or maybe it was my time abroad that allowed me to envision a life without the taken-for-granted luxuries of the Bay Area (yes, there are parts of the world without 925G data coverage and WiFi). Regardless, I hope to inspire change through my work–whether creative or academic–and impact those whom my words reach.

But writing is also de-stressing and helps me self-evaluate my life because I can’t afford a therapist.




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