Jamón y huevos, por favor

Before visiting Barcelona, I am ashamed to say that I had no idea what the heck a Spanish omelette was. An omelette made in Spain? Of course this sounds silly now, but that’s the importance of gaining cultural perspective (and hindsight…). Anyways, my sister and I, both egg lovers ordered the omelette within seconds.

The waiter, to our confusion, came to our table with two yellow pie-looking things mixed with chorizo and jamón ibérico on top. I started laughing, what in the world was this? Although I’m not much of a meat eater, my growling tummy encouraged me to dive into this egg pie. My lactose intolerant sister devoured her own delicious dish before realizing the omelette was loaded up with cheese! She didn’t regret it, though. How could anyone? A simple serving of ham and eggs had opened our eyes to a new cultural perspective via delectable Spanish cuisine. The waiters every morning definitely marked us as strange, perhaps typical, Americans with every mention of “más jamón y más huevos, por favor.”

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