5 reasons I hate summer

Relevant. And amplified two summers later…

Mariam Sulakian

While everyone is stressing about finals and prepping for summertime fun, here are a few reasons I’m dreading the time off from school.

School friends live 583086 miles away:

Unlike in high school, you can’t just drive up to your friends house unless you’re down to take a 60 day road trip.

Laziness levels rise five times:

You find 30 different ways to exercise your slouching positions as you plop on your bed and pop a goldfish or 700.

The nagging family syndrome reappears:

At least when you were at school you could just hang up the phone.

You still have to work:

Summer “vacation?” Yeah, I don’t think so.

And of course, you can’t throw darties on your own:

Unless of course, you just roll that way.

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