The Egging

“GO.” MY GOD WE WERE GOING TO PRISON THIS TIME I WAS SURE OF IT. I had never seen Sarah speed that fast in my life. Her hands transitioned shifts so quickly, so naturally. The cops were probably after us already. She threw an EGG at his car.

Rapidly swerving off the campus, we accelerated onto the freeway in tears. We had gone off the rails this time for sure. Our childish egging expedition of random houses with our equally mentally deranged best friend had been thrilling. Sure. Nothing beats this though. Nothing.

“Why was he in there for six hours..” Sarah’s voice fluctuated in fear. We had ended the night with an excess of one egg. Naturally, she threw it at the car next to ours. Casually. It’d been parked there for a while, after hours, in the middle of an empty lot. Why was someone inside. Why.

I thought of our video chats. The ones we made public just to get random foreign men on our site and share WeirdBoy’s phone number. We used to laugh as he would angrily text us about the calls he received from India. Then Spain. Then Taiwan. Once or twice it’d be a Brazilian on the phone.

This was like that. But in person. It was real. The man was real, and confused. And at our door. Did he think we hit his car? I told Sarah we should’ve stayed. We could’ve explained what had happened. The egg slipped from her hand, falling horizontally rather than vertically. We would’ve helped clean up.

“Why didn’t we just say something.” She was right. But we weren’t thinking. The rush had fooled us again. We chucked our minds with that egg.

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