My curtains always remained tightly shut

as if the light outside my window would

somehow be blocked from crawling in.

They fail to do their bidding.


As the first ray of sun hits my droopy eyes

I leave the land I have lived for the past hours.

The fairies, wizards, villains are

left behind with not even goodbye


And so I gradually squint open my eyes

to find myself back in the ordinary,

back atop a hard mattress and a

pillow which mothered my head

as the long hours of darkness

evaded our world


No smile streams across my face.

I want nothing more than to return to my land

which none other can ever explore.


Still I kick my legs about in my bed

and stretch out my mind for the day’s long run

I slip off my covers and reach my toes toward the

hard wooden floor.


Only a few hours until I live again.

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