“The worst things in life come free to us,” I deliriously repeated as I sat on the soft cushion thinking how the hell I here. Sarah stared out the window. She thought the same, I knew it. We were somewhere. Just somewhere. The half-painted cars surrounding ours taunted us. It’d been an hour.

How did we get here.”

I answered Sarah with a glimpse of disbelief. Desperate laughs, terrified tears. At least we had each other. What was wrong with us? I’d say it was a mutually psychotic breakthrough, but a small mental collapse would’ve doubtfully lasted four years.

Boy opened the door. He wore his green Ninja Turtles t-shirt above another olive longsleeve. You look like a Christmas tree, I continuously told him with disgust. He laughed every time, admiring my “humor.”

A beige bag in his arms caught my eye. Pulling out two golden boxes, Boy gently handed one to me and the other to Sarah. I ripped mine open. Ruby earrings? I glared at Sarah, she had her own set.

“My ears aren’t even pierced…” Sarah remarked. We chucked the jewelry back at Boy.

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