See the sea: Why you should protect our oceans

More than 97% of the world’s water resides in our oceans. Today, this vast home to trillions of species is threatened by nuclear waste, increased CO2 concentrations, and overfishing among other conservation issues that jeopardize marine biodiversity and life on Earth.

To celebrate World Oceans Day, and pay tribute to the beautiful waters that stretch from one part of the world to the other, here are 10 reasons why you should join the movement to help protect our oceans.

The Air.

Ocean plants produce 50% of the world’s oxygen, according to, and control our weather and atmosphere.

Beaches for days.

With about 60 million or more people enjoying the beach every year, oceans create the ideal vacation home. Yeah, this is a selfish reason to protect the oceans but what would we do without our favorite kick-it spot?!

It’s food, and not just seafood.

Algae and kelp found in the ocean are key ingredients in soymilk and frozen foods, among other goods we consume regularly. Plus, ocean food becomes food for livestock like chicken!

In this economy?

Oceans provide jobs to one in six Americans, according to OceanCareers. Without our marine employment, the GDP would also lack a good $128 billion.

Natural Resources.

Coral reefs aren’t the only things carried by the sea. Half of the undiscovered natural gas and oil lay beneath the sea.

Shampoo? Disease?

Our seas provide us with a multitude of ingredients which are found in our everyday products. Your shampoo, makeup. Even your medicine that helps fight heart disease.


There’s no denying that oceans are a vital part of our transportation system. How do you think your new iPhone charger travels from China to California? That’s right, oceans account for approximately 90% of all inter-country trade.

Coral reefs, fiddler crabs, sea fans. That’s biodiversity.

99%. That’s how much of the Earth’s living space is maintained by the oceans, and without our oceans, we’d lose trillions of species which would disrupt our entire ecosystem and way of life on land too.

Save the oceans. Protect the oceans. Conserve the oceans.

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