Seniors take on LIFE

In honor of the LIFE assembly held today for the seniors, here are a few thoughts from the Class of 2015 on their experiences throughout high school.


 What to you is the purpose of LIFE?

NikhilNikhil Reddy

I think that LIFE assembles make us more aware of social circumstances that we go through and will experience later in life, and they serve as a good outlet to perhaps answer some concerns in a comfortable setting that we are too embarrassed to ask ourselves or answer in a group setting.


Sahiti Avula

It helps relieve stress and it helps us learn more about ourselves, especially out of Harker.



How is LIFE useful to you?

SurayaSuraya Shivji

I think life events are the only thing that get me through the school year. Because, quite frankly, I don’t know how I would manage to make it through school every day. LIFE is life.


DylanDylan Patel

LIFE is useful because it gives us a perspective from people who have actually experienced what they’re talking about.


How would you like LIFE to change?

AnniAnni Ankola

It could be more stuff we need to learn, like how to file our taxes, and something useful other than just conceptual things we won’t use. LIFE sessions should be optional because a lot of that time could be used for more constructive things.



Zoe Woehrmann 

The assemblies could focus on topics that are more applicable to us and more interesting because right now I think they’re trying to teach us about different social norms that maybe we already know about. The events are also mostly listening to speeches versus actually working interactively.


How has your perspective of LIFE altered since freshmen year?

SrivinaySrivinay Irrinki

Since freshmen year, I think LIFE events have become more valuable by teaching us how to deal with challenging situations. With help from these ideas, I have learned to control my emotions and prioritize my decisions.



Sabrina Sidhu

I feel like since freshman year the assemblies have become more useful to us in the sense that the topics are more relevant to our lives today.


Originally published in Harker Aquila.

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