Annual holiday show features conservatory groups

The lower, middle, and upper school conservatory programs performed in the annual holiday show, dubbed “Big Assembly Day” (BAD), last Friday.

Traveling from the Blackford to Saratoga to Bucknall campus, the groups toured together through the three campuses. The annual show acts as a celebration of the approaching holiday season and usually, as the case this year, takes place the Friday before Finals Week.

The Upper School instilled an alternative schedule to account time for the hour-long assembly, which took place after lunch in the gym.

“In terms of pieces, I really liked the creepy deck the halls rendition,” said Ashir Bansal (12), dancer in the Certificate Conservatory Program. “I especially found the jokes of the MC’s to be hilarious!”

The assembly opened with the Upper School Orchestra’s classical rendition of “Sleigh Ride,” conducted by Chris Florio. Later, other US groups such as Cantilena and Camerata followed and the show concluded with a number from Downbeat, which was the only group other than Harmonics to perform more than one piece.

Featured Conservatory Groups

  • Orchestra (US)
  • Show Stoppers (MS)
  • Cantilena (US)
  • High Voltage (MS)
  • Camerata (US)
  • Vivace (MS)
  • Varsity Dance Troupe (US)
  • Junior Varsity Dance Troupe (US)
  • Harmonics (MS)
  • Downbeat (US)
  • Dynamics (MS)
  • Dance Fusion (LS)
Dynamics performs in the annual holiday show. The show was held last Friday in the gym. (Meilan Steimle)

For freshmen, the holiday show experience on the upper campus was new. Raveena Panja (9), though having performed previously in the show during middle school as part of Vivace, sang in her first high school BAD assembly as a member of Bel Canto.

“It was a wonderland experience because each school had a different atmosphere in terms of the people and crowd,” Raveena said. “The high school was very enthusiastic throughout the performance, so it made singing a lot more enjoyable!”

Seven of the conservatory groups, including Downbeat and Dance Fusion, also performed in theSantana Row Tree Lighting ceremony Nov. 18. Groups like the Varsity Dance Troupe performed the “Santa Baby” dance routine in both events.

“My favorite part of doing the Santa Baby routine was getting to perform with my dance family,” said Ankita Sharma (11), dancer on the Varsity Dance Troupe.

The next conservatory events will include the Upper School Winter Concert in January and the annual Dance show towards the start of February.

Originally published on Harker Aquila.

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