Spirit Club hosts annual Gym Jam

Spirit Club hosted its annual Gym Jam last Saturday in the Upper School gym to rally students for the upcoming year.

“It’s really a chance for the student body and community to come in, have fun before school starts, gear up for school, and decide what they want for the year,” Spirit Club co-President Julia Wang (12) said.

The event lasted from 4 p.m. until approximately 8:30 p.m. Upon arrival, students received a black Gym Jam t-shirt with a sticker assigning them to a group. Then the club officers presented a series of “ice breaker” games, including musical chairs.

After introductions, students broke into their respective classes and followed their class dean to separate rooms. The seniors, who met with Class Dean Diana Moss, discussed various aspects of the upcoming year. Topics of conversation included class spirit, fundraising, community, and meetings. For instance, the class arranged to create slideshows and a class-wide Spotify playlist for weekly class meetings this year.

“I definitely think we were able to come up with some good ideas for next year, and it was nice to see everyone chip in and give input,” Spirit Coordinator Arjun Ashok (12) said.

As usual, Spirit Club and Gym Jam participants then headed towards the pool, where they were greeted with pool games and barbeque dinner. School faculty members Kevin Williamson, Butch Keller, Jaron Olson, and Carol Green assisted with food preparations for the students, who were also joined by the football team following their practice.

“Gym Jam was especially fun because everyone got together to do something outside of an academic sphere,” Spirit member Alisa Wakita (11) said.

After retreating back to the gym, students separated into their assigned groups and rotated around the gym to various stations, such as “Homecoming” and “Spirit Competitions,” to come up with ideas for the coming year’s activities. A following vote determined a “Mystical Lands” and “007 / Black & White” theme for Homecoming and Winter Ball, respectively.

Towards the end of the night, the Gym Jam-ers had the opportunity to paint themselves prior to the glow-in-the-dark dodgeball game, which lasted until the Candle Light ceremony, during which students, back in their groups, shared excitements and fears for the new year.

Ice cream sundaes ended the four-and-a-half hour event. Spirit will also host the back-to-school get together, “First Friday,” on August 29.

Originally published on Harker Aquila.

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