Dusting glass

My glass of faith has shattered and I–the prisoner of these walls–fall celled into my destruction. He told me that I must believe and later embrace. He spun my thoughts, my guilt, my lust. And when I needed him he came by my side. He bent down and cradled my body. He raised my broke … More Dusting glass

Why international law was not enough to stop the Holocaust

While international law existed prior to World War II, the form of law remained weak in protecting stateless people, such as the Jews in pre-World War II Europe, in a domestic sphere. Firstly, the rights an individual held under international law was granted in terms of their nationality and so if an individual believed his/her … More Why international law was not enough to stop the Holocaust


A conflicted heart Beats for you yet Yearns the affection Of another who holds My arm and protects Me against the chance That you and I May no longer be.

De tiempo roto

Estamos peleando con el tiempo y me gustaría que tuviéramos otro momento. Deseo que habría besar tus manos una vez mas. Un otro lago para nuestro amor. El mundo nos mira y ríe porque esta pasión no es bastante. Quizás que no nadas en lago como yo, quizás que no estamos buscando para el mismo … More De tiempo roto


His arms cradle my neck, so tightly I think this breath may be my last. I don’t squirm though. The comfort, the security of him by my side, that’s better than life. He runs his hands down my body and I let him. But that’s as far as I’ll let him. Do I really know … More Monophobia

From Dr. Dre to J. Cole: The Art of Sample-Based Hip-Hop

Travel back 16 years to 1999 when one of the most influential figures in the American hip-hop scene released The Aftermath, a groundbreaking album that sold over 6.6 million units in four years. Number 23 on Billboard’s Hot 100 at the time, “The Next Episode” featured on Andrew ‘Dr. Dre’ Young’s album sunk itself so … More From Dr. Dre to J. Cole: The Art of Sample-Based Hip-Hop

petals plunge

Remember the roses their white wisdom waning our loud hearts deafen amongst heated night rains   Remember the roses richly red as life he once gave now set ablaze, under the morning light’s wrath   Remember the roses vicious and violent the shade of his blood long resting upon the sun   Remember the roses … More petals plunge